St Vincent de Paul – St. Vincent’s, Altrincham Conferences

The St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP) is a voluntary organisation dedicated to providing practical assistance to all those in need.

There has been a conference in St Vincent’s parish since 1910. Our current SVP conference is a mixed conference of men and women and our aim is to tackle poverty in all its forms by offering practical assistance to those in need. Our understanding of need is broad to include visiting the sick, the lonely, the addicted, the imprisoned, those who live with disabilities as well as financial hardship. We visit parishioners at homes, in nursing homes and at Wythenshawe Hospital each month.

We are always in need of new members if you think you can help contact the Parish office.

You can also help by putting us in touch with those who may need practical help or financial support. Please tell us of anyone who would like a visit at home or in hospital or let us know if you think we could help someone in any other way.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the parish office.


The Society was founded amongst University students in Paris in 1833 through the initiative of Frederick Ozanam who was beatified by Pope John Paul in 1997. They formed the society to witness their Christian faith through helping the sick, the lonely and the deprived.

The same principles continue to inspire the SVP, which is active today in 137 countries. It operates mainly through parish-based committees, which are known as ‘conferences’. The first such conference was set up in this country in the 1840s; there are currently over 1200 conferences in England and Wales through which over 11,000 members befriend and assist individuals and families in their homes, care homes, hospitals, prisons and other institutions.

Internationally, conferences in the more affluent countries are ‘twinned’ with conferences in the third world. We support the local work of three conferences in south India and, where possible, our ‘twins’ in the Sudan. We also contribute to national SVP funds, which channel aid through SVP conferences throughout the world when disaster strikes.