A Community of Groups

St Vincent’s Church is only one feature of the parish. There is also a community of groups that are staffed by volunteers giving  time to making things happen.

The Saint Vincent de Paul Society make it their business to find out if other parishioners are hungry, in debt or just lonely.

Issues of injustice at home and abroad can sometimes overwhelm us and we need one another’s encouragement to try to face this challenge in whatever ways we can. So, over the coming months, our parishioners will be invited to offer support to those in need through focus on a project or issue as we follow the Justice and Peace calendar of special days for prayer and action encouraged by the parish Justice and Peace group.

Ruth Holland coordinates the Welcomers and Maureen Mulholland is responsible for bereavement support, which is a skilled and demanding role.

This section is intended to highlight some of the groups in our parish. This may also attract some new volunteers, who are always needed.