A Trip to the Devis Dale

This is an excerpt from the September 1936 edition of the parish magazine.

Rangers, Guides and Brownies all helped to make the Jamboree, which was held on the Devis Dale, June 20th, a success.

We Brownies did enjoy that Jamboree, we helped to put up tents in the Show Ground, big square bell tents and little Ridge tents.

Saturday, 21st June, was a gloriously hot day. After dancing with the other three hundred Brownies, Brown Owl allowed us to shelter from the sun in her tent. As the Rangers were helping at the lemonade stall, we bought drinks for our tea. At 6pm Brown Owl’s mother met us with cherries, so we went home quite happily.

In July all the Brownies had a picnic at a farm in a hayfield. After tea we saw piggies and cows. Those cows all had names [sic]. The cow called the May Queen must be a very beautiful cow! We had rides on a Rocking Horse, Swings, and played in a revolving summer house. We wrote and thanked everyone for helping us to enjoy ourselves and had a letter saying “Come again.”

So on Sept 2nd, some of us went again. This time we gathered blackberries and had tea in the cornfield where we enrolled Teresa Burgess and Joan Reeves. We do hope they will be regular attenders at Brownie meetings.

The most exciting part of this little outing was seeing a pig in braces, living in its own wooden hut. If you don’t believe us, look at the photo, taken on a rather dull afternoon. But that pig had braces!

Some of use Guides camped with the 1st Altrincham Guides at Abergale the last week in July. We were able to go on the beach several days.

Tuesday we had a motor bus ride right through to Denbigh Town, where we visited the Castle. We returned through Trefenant and St. Asaph, back to the gates of our Camp site.

Thursday afternoon was spent in Rhyl. Saturday, August 1st, Home. Although Bank Holiday week-end, thanks to the Railway Company’s arrangements, we had a saloon all to ourselves and a through train to Broadheath too.

We hope to go camp at Whitsuntide, with 3rd Hale.