Parish of
St. Vincent de Paul
2 Bentinck Road
WA14 2BP

Tel: 0161 928 1689

Fax: 0161 929 8972

St. Vincent's Catholic Primary School
Orchard Road, Altrincham WA15 8EY
Tel: 0161 911 8040

Headteacher: Mrs A Harrop

St. Vincent's Primary School prides itself on its high standards regarding the achievements of its pupils and its warm friendly atmosphere. The children are welcomed as Christ welcomed, to love God within a Christian environment.

The ethos of the school is one of support and care. We aim to prepare our children for the future in an atmosphere of respect and tolerance, at the same time having high expectations of them. The Governors and the school PTA actively encourage strong links between home, school and parish, and events throughout the year promote this vision.

Blessed Thomas Holford Catholic High School
Urban Road, Altrincham WA15 8HT Tel: 911 8090 Fax: 911 8049
Headteacher: Mr J Cornally

Everything we do at Blessed Thomas Holford College has its roots in the hopes of parents for their children and their commitment and sacrifice to that end. Our school is a partnership between teachers and parents and we invite all parents to regard themselves as members of our school community.

Our belief is that a good school will always give ultimate importance to the education of the whole person. This process should lead to a true sense of adulthood.

In an imperfect world, we hope that our pupils will carry forward from Blessed Thomas Holford a firm faith in God, Christian values and a gratitude for the gifts that we have received. The school fosters the ability to distinguish good from evil and the commitment to look for what is right in the challenges that will confront our pupils.

Loreto Grammar School - A Specialist Science College
Dunham Road, Altrincham, WA14 4AH Tel: 928 3703 Fax:928 7659
Headteacher: Mrs Jane Beever MA

At Loreto Grammar School Altrincham, students, staff, parents and governors form a Catholic community.

We aspire to create a caring, structured environment in which teaching and learning and the experience of school are characterised by: joyful and loving service to others; challenging each of us to realise our full potential in a spirit of joy and creativity; encouraging the pursuit of excellence; upholding honesty, justice and mutual respect; being questioning, independent learners and seekers of truth; preparing each of us to meet with confidence the challenges of a changing world; improving and enriching the life of the wider community and enabling us to be an example of Christian values in the world as witnesses to God’s Living Kingdom.

Our values are centred in God, rooted in gospel values and derive from the vision of Mary Ward – “Love and speak the truth at all times”.

Our strong belief in the capacity and responsibility of women to contribute significantly to society and to the Church underlies the emphasis on the education of girls in the Loreto tradition. It builds on Mary Ward’s conviction that ‘women in time will come to do much’ and is inspired by her independence of spirit, her strength of mind, her courage, her commitment and her sheer dedication to her work.

St Ambrose College - A Catholic Grammar School with Mathematics & Computing
Wicker Lane, Hale Barns, Altrincham WA15 0HE Tel: 980 2711 Fax: 980 2323
Mr M.D.Thompson

The central purpose of St Ambrose College as a Christian Brothers' school is the wholesome religious, moral, intellectual, cultural, physical and social education of its students.
We believe that the school is a partnership between teachers and parents - that parents play a vital role in the development of the College and the education of their sons.
The College aims to provide a well-ordered caring environment where self-discipline is emphasised and pupils are enabled to take responsibility for their own actions following a reasoned set of Christian values and principles.

We demand the highest possible standards of our pupils whilst supporting them with a system of pastoral care, which promotes respect for all of the community. We therefore value highly good manners, courtesy and fairness. St Ambrose College offers support and guidance for all pupils as they take advantage of the wide opportunities offered to them within the College, enabling them to make full use of their talents and so contribute to the good of the whole school.

We seek to develop the College as a vibrant Christian community where pupils will learn to integrate their Catholic faith and culture "seeking first the kingdom of God" and enabling them to be "ambassadors of Christ". We aim to do this together in a spirit of hope and happiness following the example of Blessed Edmund Rice and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the patronage of Our Lady, Help of all Christians.